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    Industry readiness has been a major concern for youth in the Rural and semi-urban areas of our country. Career aspirations of youth have grown many folds, but the employability options are still limited, especially in the organized sector.

    Employment options are mostly available in metros and larger towns, which require sound knowledge and effective application of learning. With students graduating in huge numbers every year, most of them are only getting added to the pool of unemployed since they lack industry readiness.

    Apart from the fact that numerous jobs are available in the corporate sector, a large percentage of appropriately educated students are not considered industry ready and students themselves are also not clear on the kind of jobs they want to be in. How to find an appropriate job suiting their interest?

    Research states that only 15% of your professional success is dependent on domain/technical expertise, while 85% of your professional success is dependent on professional skills.

    SIIF Professional Skill Enhancement Program

    Socially India Included Foundation (SIIF) proposes to train youth of your college to not just be gainfully employable but more importantly open their minds to:

    • Aspiring for dream careers in an informed way.
    • Understanding that first 2-3 years of the job is laying the foundations for life, and hence salaries should be only third criteria for choosing a job in the first 2-3 years after college.
    • Approach and method for choosing and building satisfying and impactful careers boldly.

    For professionally skilling and developing youth, Socially India Included Foundation (SIIF) has a comprehensive plan for upgrading the students from their current levels, based on the principles of growth for the students and their faculty.

    Who is the program for?

    The program is aimed to develop career orientation and correctness of action for college students currently pursuing their education in colleges. Typically the program will be extremely gainful for students of Arts, Commerce, Design, Engineering, Business Management, Pharmacy, Communication Design and Financial Studies both at graduate and post graduate levels. Its brief and intensive orientation on a regular basis will bring in purpose of life that is meaningful for them. 

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    This course introduces you to Digital Marketing and Sales techniques. This course is useful if you want to understand digital marketing to decide your specialization path within the industry.